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Home Remedies for Male Yeast Infections


In many instances, male yeast infection home remedies share common principles and practices with the natural treatments for female yeast infection. The main difference lie in their applications since the anatomy of the reproductive organs is different in these two sexes. Still, you will find that what works for the females will also work for the males, thus, making it imperative for both partners to know what to do in case of transmitted yeast infections.

Cold Coconut Oil
The coconut tree is known in the East as the tree of life and for good reasons, too. Take cold coconut oil, for example, which has been proven effective as a male yeast infection home remedy. It has even been touted as an effective treatment against certain symptoms in HIV/AIDS patients although more research is necessary on this matter.This is because cold coconut oil has potent antifungal and antiviral
properties, the former of which is useful against yeast infections in men and women. You can purchase cold coconut oil pills or syrup from a health food site and then take it as directed. You will soon experience significant lessening of your symptoms within a few days of use.

Garlic Cloves
Where women use garlic as a suppository and as a douche together with yogurt, men can use it as a direct topical application and as a natural medicine. We suggest:
• Peel a few cloves of garlic and crush. Rub it on the affected areas like the penile head for a few minutes. Be sure not to rub too hard as the garlic juice can sting the skin. Do this at least 2 times in the
for best results.
• Eat a few cloves of fresh garlic every day. Adding more garlic to dishes and breads also helps in the healing process.
• Taking garlic capsules. Look at the recommended amount and then perhaps add one more capsule while you still have the yeast infection. Go back to the recommended amount as a preventive measure.Garlic has powerful antifungal properties, thus, its efficacy as a male yeast infection effective home remedy. In fact, it has potent antibacterial and antiviral properties, too, so you are also
strengthening your immune system with regular consumption of garlic.
White Distilled Vinegar
Yeast infections in men are characterized by mild to moderate itching in the penile area. Fortunately, relief can be enjoyed by using a common kitchen item – white distilled vinegar. You should use it for hot bath with the steps as follows:
• Fill the bathtub with hot water but it should be tolerable to your skin. The water level should be waist-deep when you sit on the tub.
• Mix it with a sufficient amount of white distilled vinegar. It should be just enough that your skin can take the mild sting coming from the hot water-vinegar mixture.
• Sit on the tub for a few minutes.The white distilled vinegar ought to restore your penile area’s normal pH balance. This is similar to using apple cider vinegar as a douche to restore normal vaginal pH balance in women.


In many instances, male yeast infection home remedies share common principles and practices with the natural treatments...

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A Better Cure For Yeast Infection Using Home Remedies

Yeast infections can be painful and irritating. Often either over the counter or prescribed medications is not the answer. If you suffer from a reoccurring condition then you probably desire to find a better way to treat your predicament than just masking the symptoms. Many medications only provide temporary relief from the pain and itching.

You have probably wished for years that there would be a cure for yeast infection that actually treats the situation.While there are many different pharmaceutical solutions that promise to be a cure for yeast infection, many of these so called remedies are no more than temporary relief to the symptoms.

While these medications may provide temporary relief, they do little if anything to actually heal the disease.

You may be tired of just masking the signs and desire to find a way to get rid of or limit the condition.There have been recent studies of the causes and potential treatments. Several of these studies have been in the area of holistic medicine or home remedies. There has also been some in-depth study of the affect of dieting on providing a antidote.

Many case studies have aimed to provide the consumer and the medical environment with theoretical as well as practical information that will help gain a better understanding of the cause and potential cure for yeast infection.

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It has been determined that a major part of providing a cure for yeast infection is to become more educated on the subject. By providing a better understanding of the body’s effect to yeast and its potential to create an excessive amount (which results in the infection), then steps can be taken to prevent and possibly eliminate this circumstance.

Part of this education process has been to inform the public that what may appear to be Candida (a major form of Yeast infections) may indeed be other diseases, such as a sexually transmitted disease. It has also been the goal of these researches and education programs to enlighten the public about what does and does not cause Candida.Further emphasis has been placed on the causes that are conducive to the development of Candida. By providing the public with an understanding, efforts can be made to reduce these conditions. This focus is on providing a cure for yeast infection, rather than just developing another temporary treatment.

This is being accomplished by gaining an understanding of the body’s connection between an inner imbalance and the development of a problem.These studies have further evaluated the statistics and determined that this situation is a much larger problem in Western countries than in other areas of the world. It is believed that this analysis is a bold indicator that diet, stress, and lifestyle all are major factors. Consequently these studies have determined that holistic measures combined with adjustments in diet and lifestyle may detoxify an individual and serve as a cure for yeast infection

Yeast infections can be painful and irritating. Often either over the counter or prescribed medications is not the answe...

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How To Tackle a Vaginal Yeast Infection


Lets face it; being a woman is complicated. Women are completely different from men in many ways, and one of those ways is how delicate the reproductive organs can be. While some women never have issues with things like infertility, ovarian cysts, others suffer constantly from painful and potentially dangerous problems like a recurring vaginal yeast infection.

Perhaps the worst thing about these kids of problems is that they are not easy to talk about but, if left untreated, they can actually be dangerous to health – especially for a pregnant woman. Knowing that there is a problem is, of course, half the battle. After that your doctor can usually help you with the rest.

This is one problem you should never ignore or just hope will go away without treatment.

Unfortunately, many women simply don’t know the signs of a vaginal yeast infection. For the most part, if something seems off in that area, then its always safer to assume that something is wrong. For example, you may notice a funny or stronger than normal odor coming from that area, or you may notice a whitish residue on your underwear. Quite often these symptoms will be accompanied by some pain, but not always. Pain usually comes if an infection has been ignored for some time but many women notice nothing more than extra wetness in the affected area. If you think something is going on, then call your doctor and book an appointment. You want to take care of it as soon as possible.

A vaginal yeast infection happens more often to some women than others, and some are lucky enough to never suffer them. Lets get one thing straight – infections like this are not a sign that you are dirty, although not cleaning properly can contribute to the problem in some cases. There are just some women that have more yeast in their body than others, and this can mean more problems with infections in many areas of the body, not just the vagina. An overabundance of yeast is something you can combat through your diet, and should be discussed with your doctor if these infections are recurring time and again for you.

There are some over the counter treatments for vaginal yeast infections that are surprisingly effective and some companies even make a test that can tell you if that is what you have. Be sure to study your options carefully before deciding what will work best for you and, of course, always seek medical advice if you are unsure about anything.

Some methods of clearing up this type of infection are messier than others. If you are not comfortable treating a yeast infection on your own, or if it seems that an over the counter remedy is not working, then your doctor will help you out with a short consultation or possible a home visit.

If you are pregnant and you suspect that you may have a vaginal yeast infection or a urinary tract infection, then it is essential that you call your doctor immediately and get treatment right away. An infection that is not treated during pregnancy, or one that is not properly treated, can lead to problems with your pregnancy and even cause complications such as premature birth. Get it treated, and then go back in and make sure the problem has been reversed. To be on the safe side, request a blood test to ensure the infection has been eradicated. If your doctor seems to ignore your concerns, find another. Infection during pregnancy is dangerous to you and your baby.

Lets face it; being a woman is complicated. Women are completely different from men in many ways, and one of those ways...

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Some Easy Home Remedies for Yeast Infections

home remedies for yeast infection

Most women at some time or another have probably suffered from the woes and throes of a yeast infection known as vaginitis . The symptoms include an itchy, burning pain and a discharge that has a baked bread smell. Though such symptoms can be due to other infections, the odor is a real defining factor of a yeast infection but, fortunately for you, if thats the case then the following home remedies for yeast infections can actually provide a lot of relief.

Of course, common wisdom says that prevention is better than cure so, in order to keep your body’s yeast levels at a range that will not affect you, ensure that your personal hygiene tends towards, shall we say, the “dry and loose” end of the spectrum. This is because humid conditions facilitate the growth of yeast. So, in order to deprive the yeast infection of these optimum conditions, make sure that you dry your vaginal area thoroughly after showering and properly choose your underwear to ensure that it is “breathable”.

Douching is one of the most common (and, fortunately, easy to perform) way of administering a simple home remedy for yeast infections. It should, however, be noted that its not a good idea to carry out douching if you do not have the symptoms. For those with the symptoms however, try a mild solution of vinegar that will help restore the vagina to its normal pH level that prevents the growth of the yeast.

Plain yogurt has a live culture that is one of the best home remedies for yeast infections and works by both altering the pH (as vinegar does) and by introducing the right bacterial composition into the vagina. Insert one to two table spoons of yoghurt into your vagina or apply it externally to the affected area. It can also be diluted with warm water and used for douching.

downloadAnother alternative is to use lactobacillus tablets vaginally once or twice daily. This should be done in conjunction with a vinegar douche once or twice a day for a time span of at least three days. These tablets can be obtained over the counter from your local chemist or a health food store.

The last of the home remedies for yeast infections that we will be discussing in this short article is the use of Boric acid. Several studies have shown it to be a safe, inexpensive and particularly efficient yeast infection remedy. If your doctor gives you the go ahead then  try using Boric acid capsules next time you have a yeast flare-up in order to contain the situation. Insert a single capsule into your vagina every day for a week in order to return your yeast levels back to normal.

All of these remedies for yeast infections will, of course,  be quite ineffective if you pick up another infection as soon as you complete the treatment. So, in order to avoid this, make sure that you maintain proper hygiene and avoid the sharing of infected items such as towels which can transfer the spores. In addition to this, ensure that you wash your underwear regularly in warm water and add some white vinegar to do kill the organisms that might be clinging on in there.

Most women at some time or another have probably suffered from the woes and throes of a yeast infection known as vaginit...

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